vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

A Boy can Dream, can't he?

I admit, there is one course during my reschooling I enlisted in which was a mistake.  Namely, it turns out it is follow up course of the series of courses I only start with next september... and as such, I'm sitting there, well, just sitting.

Your obliged to follow it once you enrolled, so I'm literally counting down the weeks until it ends.  The teacher understands the issue, and leaves me be as long as I'm quiet, and even though I did pick up a lot of knowledge from the theoretical parts, I just can't get along with the practical part of the course, so during those two hours I'm slowly drifting into the realms of the internet and be a good boy...

... and like yesterday, this turns out in scrolling through 300 pages of eBay items, looking for 'sweeties' and making my list o,n how much everything would cost if I ordered it, including postage, in order to be armed for FACTS in two weeks and not 'rip my pants' on so called 'great deals'.  Knowledge might be power, but it surely also can save a handful of bucks.

No, I started drifting and dreaming on how cool it would be to have my 'man-cave' transferred, implemented and upgraded when my relationship progresses to the next phase, and a (small) house might be on the horizon.  One day, that certainly will be happening, and ideally though it would have 4 bedrooms.  One for me and the GF, one for the Munchkin, a 'communal BDSM hobby room' and THE MAN-CAVE (whom I would dub then the Shrine of Athena hehehehe).

A room full of glass cabinets to display not only the myth cloths, but also other cool stuffs of a collection.  A room where one could loose himself in thought for a few hours just to get the mental engine running again.

Okay, and have nightmares when it needs a dusting...

The kind of room one dreams of when taking on wargaming or trains, with a table for a permanent display, a TV screen with all kinds of DVD, BluRay, consoles etc to be able to play, watch or just enjoy the necessary films and games.

A room with a small 'library corner' to keep all the anime boxes and manga books and magazines.

A room dressed with all kinds of official posters, artwork and the likes. 

At least I know for sure what the artwork against the roof would look like.

A place with cool gimmicks (well, cool for Otaku's that is) like this LED light I saw on eBay for 10 euros.

All topped off with a nice, geek-related comfy lounge chair in the style of the obsession...

Oh well, a boy (okay, technically a man) can only dream and keep his inner Shonen happy.  Who knows, who knows, who knows, let's first see to make a heap of money and get married, then those discussions can start.

I just need to make sure if it ever happens that I don't generate any overspill into other rooms and keep it all neat and tidy, or the better half might resort to...

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