zondag 27 oktober 2013

Planning an army: 53rd Welsh Division

Okay, so with the paint craze going on, I've decided to finish at last an army for my Flames of War late war, only like 5 years "after date" from when I last played the game.  I always had a soft spot for the british Cromwell tank, finding it one of the prettiest designs of WW2, so at first I was planning to go for a Villers-Bocage list.

But strolling around the Battlefront site, and the combination of having read this book in recent years, I decided to build the 53th Welsh.

Because they have the option of using armoured support in the form of Cromwell tanks, and because they have the option of taking Archer 17pdr tank destroyers.

Now the plan at first is to build a small force of only 1000 points, and try to get a game or two in before investing in any models (okay, so I need to get 2 Archers for the list, but that is barely an investment).  I have the plastic tanks from The Plastic Soldier Company, I have a box of late war british infantry from Forged in Battle, and I have the recce and some more troops and bits from Battlefront.

So the army list will look something like this:

Company HQ with a jeep transport

2 Rifle Platoons of 3 squads each

A "Skins" armoured platoon consisting 2 Cromwell IVs and a Firefly VC

A self propelled tank destroyer platoon of 2 Archers

A Recce platoon of 5 armored cars

This all tallies up to 995 points according to the briefing on the FoW website, so that should be good enough to go.

And get me to 'recycle' a lot of unopened material I still having lying around in the Man-Cave.  if this kindles off my painting again, I'll have a shot as well at my mid war italian Bersaglieri Motocyclisti force, and an early war Japanese force, all initially aimed at 1000 points.

Time to get to the brushes me thinks...

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