dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Legends of War - Patton: the 20th Platinum

A cooperation between History Channel and Slitherine (the guys that make the Fields of Glory wargame rules) resulted in some games being created for the Playstation 3 and Vita, so far being Patton on both, a Medieval on the PS3 and a non trophy supported Egypt mini on the Vita.

Now these are the kind of games I have been playing for ages before I dabbled (and got lost, and nearlt drowned) in MMO's like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Trek Online etc etc... Turnbased 'place your units well or die horribly' is something you don't often see to consoles, even though X-Com is in the same range, I always found those historical games, well, just more fun. 

The Total War series like one on the PC, I still have that installed for the occassional game over Steam - usually when I sleep over at my place during the Hour of the Wolf - but it also reminded me of one of the first 'enter the age of the big games' games I ever played on a PC, Battlefield Ardennes from 1995...

Now, I must admit, finishing the game shouldn't be a problem for most people downloading the title, but actually platinumming the thing, even on the easy level, is kind of a chore I think if you don't really have knowledge of the conflict.  I can imagine people having to do levels over and over to get the 'no casualties' requirement trophy in campaign 4, or the one for the 10 Heroic victories (no casualties, barely no misses with your shooting, and no strolling around but hardcore race through the enemy lines to get to the objective).

I think I was lucky I knew *something* about the second world war and this part in special, I think John Toland's Battle fo the Bulge must be a book I've read over and over when I was young.  I did a book report even about it in school when I was 11... and I must say in all honesty this helped me a lot for setting up fire lines, have an idea just what the germans would have around the Bastogne area in terms of types and panzers et all, resulting in picking more or less the correct support during the game.

It was great fun in the end though, and I also have the PS3 version on the HD, so I think I'll give that a shot as well next week during the holiday!  The Third Army can't trash through France to the Ardennes enough ;-)

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