maandag 14 oktober 2013

Crisis 2013... Considering of going

Okay, so when Crisis comes along this year, it will be exactly one year since I as good as quitted the hobby.  Lack of time, and the distance and 'logistics issues' to get there (and more imporatantly, back) has made me make that decision, and there wasn't really any intention of going this year.

Until this model showed:

It is the Crisis 2013 limited edition entry model, and so far I have a complete collection of all of them, but I must say this piece by Mr Hicks is absolutely stunning.

So I might be going after all, partly as well to blame to the Nemesis and his nagging of boardgames etc.  I won't be freeing up any budget, unless there is some left over from FACTS (fat chance), but it might be that I *can* make it to pop in for an hour or so, take a look around and a quick chat left or right, before getting back out.

We'll see how it turns out, but at the moment, I would say the answer is 'yes, I'm going'... and resist of resigning a membership card.

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