zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - The 19th Platinum

Okay, this might sound odd, but I actually kind of scored this platinum tonight by accident...

How does one platinum a game accidentally I hear you ask?  Fair question.  The truth is, I bought this game almost 3 years ago, as one of the first trophy supported games on my PS3 and after enjoying Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 A LOT (aka, my very first platinum ever).

I played it for a long time... and then basically forgot about the game and how far in I was trophy wise.  This weekend (more about it tomorrow) I have been doing ;ountains of work both for school and for my clear-out, and just wanted some good RnR by buttonbashing.

I love Musou games, and yesterday I was battling through Saint Seiya again.  I picked my copy of this game from the shelf, and went to look how far I was from a platinum... which was a single Gold trophy, for buying all the collectible extras in the game like wallpapers, uniforms, voices etc, and turned out I only needed 17 wallpapers at 300 points each.

So I started playing it for a few hours this evening, and quickly gathered the 5100 points needed (well, quickly, it took about 12 campaignturns of 15 - 20 minutes of fighting each) and voila... platinum number 19 has been added to the collection.  Thanks to my home created character, LunaMaria (I wonder where I got that inspiration...)

I might even go for it now that I am back in the gaming mood after this unexpected success and go for platinums 20 and 21 this weekend, but with a tally of already 4 scored this month (and we are a week in!!!!) I think my flaring up and 9 month planned playing is starting to pay off humongous dividends in order to deal Team AnRoDr the killing blow!!!!

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