zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Reading time: some Saint Seiya mangas

Well, I finished the first three of the mountain of Saint Seiya manga's I brought back from FACTS last saturday, an intresting mix spanning various series.

Knights of the Zodiac volume 10: 

The infamous 'vol 10' handles the battle of the Virgo house between Phoenix Ikki and Shaka, Gold Saint of Virgo.  Now, I don't really like Shaka in the earlier parts of the manga, compared to the anime he has a sort of evillish streak, instead of his divine posture from the anime.  He also fights standing up instead of the lotus position in the series, and it all just seems far less 'on a different level' then it was in the animated duel.
Furthermore, the saints proceed through the Libra house, freeing Hyoga with the help of the gold cloths weapons, from Camus's Ice Coffin, and the battle with Milo of Scorpio is about to begin in this book.

Next Dimension: Le Myth D'Hades 6:

The most recent (translated) volume of Kurumada's work (I wonder if it'll ever go in animation), Shun and Tenma face Kaiser, gold Saint of Leo, with his giant guardian companion, the Lion Goldy.  Like in recent series, he has a noble warriors heart, and has stopped Sukiyo.  He defeats Shun and Tenma, but then Deathtoll of Cancer arrives with a bunch of spectres that used his Underworld Portals to get to Sanctuary.  Kaiser defeats them swiftly, and it turns out that Deathtoll didn't defect, but new the Leo warrior was more suited to fighting them then he himself.  He proceeds by telling Kaiser he shouldn't follow Sukiyo, as he is like him a noble warrior and not the enemy...

The Lost Canvas Chronicles 1:

I didn't knew this series, thinking at first it was just a best off, but as I could have a physical look at them, they aren't.  They are a series, now released to volume 3, of side stories each time featuring one of Sasha's Gold Saints.  The great thing I always though about TLC where that they where all 12 loyal and focussed, no treacheries and all going on. 
Volume 1 handles about Albafica, the gold saint of Pisces.  He is send to an island that seems to have a strong curing medecine, only to discover it is the younger brother of his former master that runs it, and he has sold his soul to Hades to be able to save his young apprentice.

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