vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Dragon Shiryu v2

The Myth cloth I found on FACTS last week, the second generation bronze cloths of the anime, based on the originals of the manga.

Now, in the anime, where these cloth versions are worn during the Asgard and Poseidon arcs, I always thought of the version 2s of the prettiest of the bunch, so it is a real shame that the Myth cloths themselves, approaching and crossing the venerable age of over a decade old, are BUTT UGLY. 
They where amongst the first released, but on the contrary to the original Gold saints of back then, this series doesn`t include a single well executed model.  The characters have horribly sculpted faces, the colouring isn`t exactly right, but a collector has to collect and in order to get the series complete, I have to bite sour apples and get the missing models... but only like this one if I can get it on the cheap, at 39 euros it didn`t hurt the budget.

Luckily, they are replacing these models slow and steady with the far better executed EX line, so when I get my hands on those, the `original five` will get the same treatment as I plan to do with the original Gold saints, display the EX versions in Saint mode, and the older editions in Cloth object mode.

The model itself did assemble rather well though, it is the Shiryu I have in my collection I`ve been messing with the `shoulderpads connected by the dragon claws to the back` the least.  God cloth was pure misery on that part...

For the rest, the cloth is like the anime, simple in design by having a single arm piece armour, a chest and belt for body armour, and lower leg and knee protectors.  Not much else can be said about this model, just don`t pay TO much for this model and range, they aren`t worth the 75+ euros you see them pass by for on eBay at times.

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