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Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 17


What a week, what a week... for a Saint Seiya lover like me, I have become very, very close to a virtual orgasm, as it has truly been a highlight on collection and television levels.

Let`s start with this:  Lionet Soma by Banpresto

When I did my Saint Countdown a few weeks ago, when I reached number 6, Soma of Omega, I mentioned he wasn't released as a Myth Cloth (due to the nature of the Clothstones, the season 2 models with 'true' armours are in the process now of starting to be released) but only as a statuette.  Mine arrived past friday, the dual set with Pegasus Koga.

I found it in Japan, for 38 USD and FREE shipping, so that knocked me only back a measly 25 euros, for two mint models who only had a small dent in one of the boxes at the top, barely noticeable.  I am one happy camper.

Even though PVC models aren`t exactly the same as having Myth cloths on display, it does look mightily fine in my second cabinet now as both Bronzes stand side by side.

Talking Omega, episode 73 must have been one of the best in the whole series for old schoolers like me.  Called `Awakening of Two Cloths`, it features on the one hand Subaru convincing his new Equuleus cloth that he won`t die but become a god (and Koga and Eden noticing something familiar about his immense darkness cosmo, is he Abzu reincarnated as many suspect on fan fora?).

The second cloth is that of... Athena herself.  She has taken up the gauntlet of war, and together with the remaining gold saints Kiki of Aries, Harbinger of Taurus and Futo of Virgo has entered the battle at Pallasvelda, the Gold Saints whiping out whole blocks of Pallasite soldiers in the blink of an eye.  The battle is truly gearing up.

We also see the Legendary Saints finally at work, but the biggest suprise was in the last seconds of the episode.

Sho, Daichi and Ushio, the original three Steel Saints from the Silver Saint arc of the classic series, enter the battlefield as well again!!!!!  Sho`s closing line of the episode, when told by the professor he would never have expected to have to send them back into the fray, are telling for any fan of my generation.

"Back to the battlefield... oh, the nostalgia"

What have I been Tapping?

Not Magic, see my Tapped Out post from the past week.  I did score, to keep in mind the orgasmic Saint Seiya week, two fresh promo cards!

The first is the prerelease buy a box (you know, that complicated construction japanese use which I explained the previous episode) called 'Arrival of the Star Player' (lost in translation anyone...)

The second is from the hard to find Knights of the Zodiac english series, this one came with volume one of the censored and edited US version of the anime.  Fat chance I`ll veer watch the DVD, but promo card #15, Seiya in Sagittarius Cloth, is now sitting in my binder for a 5 euro incl shipping deal for the still packaged DVD from the States.

I`m one happy Shonen!  That list I found which detailed what items contained which promo cards is paying off, as I got two new ones now in a rather quick succession.

What have I been Gaming?

Well, of course there was the rather unexpected platinum I scored yesterday, but apart from that one, i also pushed a game to 100% during the week, namely Jetpack Joyride for the PS Vita.  One of those ported smartphone games, it is available on both PS3 and Vita, but these kind of games tend to lend themselves better for the small handheld then to play them on the large TV screen.

And been enjoying myself with my favorite PS3 game, even though it has been platinumed ages ago...

What have I been Watching?

First off, I finished watching the entire 12 episodes + OVA series of Bushou Shinki.  This series handles about small female toy `robots` called Shinki's that battle and serve their owners, called Masters (both of the male and female variety). The tournament itself is for the latter episodes, but the shinki`s themselves have a couple of rather funny adventures.  Think toy story but then for otaku...  It is an enjoyable series, not to high standing but good for a few hours of humouress entertainment and put a grinny smile on your face.

I also watched the new Dragonball Z movie, Battle of Gods.  Now, Dragonball is a fighter series with a serious slapstick angle, but in this film, which `feels` like a pilot for a new series, it is to over the top for the liking.  You have Vegeta dancing and singing to announce a bingo contest on Bulma`s birthday party, and Son Goku looses from the God of Destruction, Lord Bills, but as he put on such a resistance and became a Super Saiyan God (chosen color of hair for this is red this time), Earth is spared.  And then Bills go back to his home to try out sushi and wasabi...
The animation is far better then the classic series which, even with the BluRay release of last year, really shows it`s age, the story however was just plain `bleugh`.

Topping it all off was the Grand Prix of Korea just this morning.  Another one man show from Vettel, and the rest really seem to have given up and focus on the next season with all the technical overhauls, the title can be Seb`s next week in Japan.  Behind him though it was a highly enjoyable race (poor Webber), and man of the race was without doubt Nico Hulkenberg in his Sauber.  He finished 4th after battling a whole GP with the Ferrari of Alonso, the McLaren of Button and both Mercedes cars, and actually managed to fend off all attacks on a circuit which is rather easy to overtake on with it`s wide 1 kilometre straight!

As you can see, a week with a lot that has been done, bar all this I have also been sorting and listing almost 2k of Magic Cards, managed to orden out 1 measly shelf and have a look at my lessons material for the exam in two weeks.  

This is mainly though due to the better half being on a family weekend, not that I have anything against the family, but I just don`t have the willpower to go and sit in a house for a whole weekend with a few dozen people.  

I might be getting a bit more social, both forced and unforced, thanks to the relationship, deep down I`m still a Hikokomori (on the rebound)....

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