donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Chu Mor Tzel - Chinese Cloud Dragon

It has happened, two days after moving my paint material (for the greatest part, I found out I've forgotten quit a bit of side materials) I finished my first model at the GF's home, and the first 'real' miniature of 2013 instead of repainted gashapon's.

This is the resin dragon I bought for the Chinese Year of the Dragon new year sale at CMON, well, almost two years ago, and averages about 12cm in height.

It's name is a wordplay on the 'occasion', as the GF's nickname is "Chu" in our relationship (her take on Pikachu, she gave me a boxer and tee with a female 'kinkychu' on it once, due to the details and this blog being all ages allowed, I can't repeat it here), and the fact she lives in a town called Mortsel.

Things I 'experienced' after a year long hiatus is that I still enjoy painting (hooray), and still can generate a decent painting speed, so I might actually get some things done still this year, even though that will include a heap of 'straight to the Vault' items.

The new location...

And no My Nemesis, I'm not rejoining the wargame club, still don't have time, still there is no playing field for 15mm FoG, and still it's a crap connection between the living quarters and the playing location.

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