donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Crisis 2013: the wishlist

Hey what?  Haven't you quit wargaming?  What the heck do you need a wishlist for????

Indeed, and still...

Comming saturday I'm going to Crisis, taking Humpty and Dumpty, my two little nephews (who will slap me for calling them little) along, further driving them into corruption.

And I have a wishlist, mainly consisiting of this:

My Nemesis always thought I did that stuff in my coffee to get real black, because I empty quit a few of those bottles in a 'normal' painting year.   This however is because I'm still a fossil, preferring to undercoat all my models by hand, and of all the brands, this one comes out the cheapest while still doing the job right.  So a few pots are on the 'must have' list.

The one other thing I'm going to look for probably is the Longstreet rulebook for ACW gaming.  You never know when they might be switching from Johnny Reb III to another system at the weekend, and I have quit a collection of rule- and Ospreybooks off that conflict.

So far the possible must haves, there are also a few small items I'd like to pick up IF I find them on a nice deal and I have the mood for it.

On that list are some small packs of 15mm to fill out gaps in my forces, like Commitatus's Norse Irish where I need 2 blisters of Slingers for and some infantry, a pack of 15mm banners for my ACW (or I should use on of the printed editions like Grimsby of Warflags, still in doubt of that as I'll need to repaint them then to compensate for the print quality loss), and a single 'support sprue' at Plastic Soldier of a Sherman Firefly for my Late War britsh in Flames of War. 

But all those will, as I said, depend on the mood a bit, but I can guarantee I won't be impulse buying.  If I can do it at FACTS, I can certainly hold my reigns in at Crisis hehehe.

One thing I will be getting is a new 'Black Card' that will be arranged by Willie though, even if I don't get to play a game in 2014 like in 2013 (bar the weekend of American Civil War), it at least will grant me the reduction at the paint and brush store for both myself as for getting additional material for the nephews.

And maybe I just buy nothing and place my next pre-order at Archonia for this bloke:

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  1. Ik zie je wel verschijnen bij de PSC stand kerel, het zal me een plezier zijn u de juiste spullen te verschaffen