woensdag 16 oktober 2013

The FACTS wish list 2013

Three more days before I go on the yearly pilgimage to the FACTS anime and comic convention in Ghent, and as such the pre-orders and the wish list has been drawn up, the budget set aside and the batteries loaded up for the camera.

Pre-order wise I've got one with Archonia, for almost every missing volume in the Episode G series, only volume 15 will be elusive after the fair.

Wishlist wise, I got ONE target this year:

Aiolios of Sagittarius, the only basci Myth cloth line model I still miss to complete my Gold Saints range.

I had hoped to also score these two guys, but unfortunatly their release day is one week after FACTS, so that'll be net ordering afterwards.

Finally, IF there is any remaining budget after FACTS, it will carry over to Crisis 2 weeks later, where I'm looking for one single book only: Longstreet by Sam Mustapha.

So expect a large picture report (as traditionally every year) from both FACTS and Crisis, as well as Lego Brickmania one week later, on the Society...

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