zondag 20 oktober 2013

World of Tanks - Rumbling around the fields again

This must be some kind of melancholy week.  I painted again, and I MMO'd (sort of) again as I reinstalled World of Tanks two days ago on my home PC.

The reason for this is actually quit simple though, I just can't invest time in decent online playing, so paying subscription fees is wasted money at the moment, and I can't keep up with the Metagame in RPG's, like Guild Wars.

WoT on that part is easier.  It's free, and the tank battles are 'scaled', so your not thrunching around in your starter Cunningham tankette against Tigers and the likes.  And I loved playing the 'midfield' the most anyways (the level 5 - 6 class battles, with Shermans, Panzer 3s and the likes).  I usually played with my canadian Ram II (a premium tank from the US list).  Install the game, hop in a tank, shoot around in random generated teams for max 15 minutes a battle, and repeat.  I loved this game, I still enjoyed it friday when I gave it a new go!  Then again, I always liked tanks, if you can call an L33 that...

Now to get an idea how long it has been, I played through the full closed AND open Beta back in the days, and a while during launch.  The french where still in development and where rumoured to go and have 'captured' Italian premium tanks in their various levels.

So I had high hopes when I reinstalled, only to find out the french where indeed there, but without italians.  And the US tree had finally been filled out, the Britains had also arrived and there where chinese riding around...

OK, so it HAS been a while, but at least it has the Brits now to play until (if?) the Italians arrive.  I'm hotching and grinding XP now in my premium and elite status tanks, so that I can build up from my Cruiser III to the sexiest tanks of the second world war: the Crusader (hey old FoW opponents, 9th DivCac comming back at ya') and the Cromwell. 

After those, I'll just be stocking up and converting to 'free experience' that the day the troops yelling Avanti Savoia arrive, I can immediatly 'tree through' an M13/40!!!

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