woensdag 9 oktober 2013

The End of Summer

Heya all.  For 17 weeks, I have been compiling and cutting down material for my blog in small chunks and cluttered them together in a Sunday overview.
Unfortunatly, some things got to cluttered and cut, while my head is full of more insane ramblings like anime series I so want to highlight real good episodes from, or (for me at least) cool stuff I found for my collections... that kind of stuff basically.

So I am going to stop the Sunday Ramblings, and go back to more regular but also specific blogpost. It certainly helps myself as well when I got to show something to someone like I had to this week in class, and I couldn't "place" an about then date to the relevant videogame.  So I had to scroll through page of page 'till I got the relevant pictures.

I'm also, overtime, am going to be tinkering and overhauling the site a bit, come 2014.  The PS Challenge will be over then, and the tab then used for a Titan's Work I'm going to do: indexize and list alll my double "for trade" japanese Saint Seiya cards into an Excel file, then find a suitable method to transplant all that data on a blog tabpage.

Same will happen with the Vault tab, in the future I'm going to resort to regular posts if something has to get dumped *I just keep forgetting updating the page*.  I'm going to replace it with my ideas of how I'm going to tackle making my own Cosplay CLOTH.  Yes, cloth, as in Saint Seiya armour.  More details on that will be for around december with the good intentions posts that tend to pop up by then, but I think it is safe to say it won't be the hardest cloth out there, and that I'll be looking to using leather as a main material, especially since seeing this on the 'net:

So leather look like metal strappings, and some other thing for the actual plates (foam? molding? I have no clue as of yet), and make a Pandora box to go with the cloth (and what a cool way that would be to transport it to a location...).

Bar all that, I still have a gazillion of ideas floating around in my personal part of cyberspace called "brain", including finally completing my own wargame rules, get (solo?) playtesting in, transform them to PDF format and make them download available.  No idea on the when and if's for me on that though, but it will come... eventually... I think...

Lots to do, and any input is welcomed for suggestions, what you like, what you don't, and if you want to put a piece on here as well, go ahead and drop me a line...

Ciao ciao and farewell Sunday Ramblings, you've been fun, but you stayed to little so now the new marches back to the paths of old...

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