vrijdag 11 november 2011

2012... the year my PS3 will go overdrive

Why oh why did I preorder Star Wars the Old Republic and Guild Wars 2? Just kidding of course, because the former has light sabers and the latter is just a cool game - at least the first was - and setting. And it has Mesmers.

But there is going to be so much more on the digital gaming horizon for little ol` me, as two of my all time favorite franchises - heck, make that THE two franchises period - from animeverse are on the roll.

The first, and if you peek around my blog that should be no suprise at all, is Saint Seiya: Samctuary. A Dynasty Warriors style game where you take the `fab 5` through Sanctuary and past the Gold Saints in order to save Athena, just like the original series.
Take a look here for pictures and trailers. Yes it is in japanese, but it is very simple to understand: click on a character and then on the movie icon when one is already available.
The asian release is next week, but european release is estimated half of february, I just HOPE we europeans get a chance to get the limited edition set that comes with a myth cloth. I`m so going to be scouring Play Asia for this.

But there`s more, on a blog I follow, Gundam Guy, there was a post yesterday about the release of Unicorn for PS3. Playing the same style as ACE, this is going to give me some more mecha power after Gundam 3 to enjoy!

2012, the year my Playstation will be doing looooong hours...

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