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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 23: Aiolia of Leo

The Golden Lion! Burning with a fierce Cosmo, Aiolia is certainly one of the most fierce fighters amongst the Gold saints, possessing the fastest attack amongst the twelve constellations of the Zodiac with his Lightning Plasma, an attack exceeding the speed of light.

Aiolia is shown as a reference in the Sanctuary due to his righteousness and strength. He is the young brother of Sagittarius Aiolos, considered a traitor that attempted to kill Athena when she was still a baby. Due to this, Aiolia works hard to prove his loyalty to the goddess and erase the shame his brother's actions bestowed upon them. Even during the time Aiolia thought Aiolos was a traitor, he showed immense respect toward his memory.

He is one of the first Gold saints revealed in the series, even though he works along Marin in the Sanctuary without the audience being told he is one of the strongest saints of Athena, comming over as just a `good, strong and dependable` guy. I can only imagine how he wanted to don the Leo cloth when Argol of Perseus slaughtered those three children trying to escape from Sanctuary, and I doubt that Medusa shield would have stood up against the mighty warrior.

He is later in the series brainwashed by the Pope and defends the Leo house against Seiya, only to be freed from the Emperor`s Demon Punch when Cassios, love stricken by Shaina and helping Seiya as he can`t see his beloved mistress in pain over the Pegasus saint, sacrifices himself.

When Poseidon awakens, Aiolia wanted to travel to the underwater Sanctuary to help out the bronze saints, but is stopped as the remaining Gold saints have to prepare for the war to come... the return of Hades. While fighting the Spectres, we get to see a fraction of his power as he easily swaps away a dozen of the dark warriors in a single attack, before the Worm spectre raimi caught him in his tentacles.

he is later defeated by Rhadamantys together with Mu and Milo due to the aura of Hades, and eventually perishes in front of the Wailing Wall together with all the other Gold saints as they use the ultimate attack to breach it, granting the bronze saints a way into Elysium.

So we move onwards to the cloth. First of all, it is one of the older Gold models, and the sculpting shows. His face isn`t really that great, and the helmet is just, well, goofy looking. I know they made him as an EX, and he certainly looks an awful lot better, but as I said with Mu yesterday, the waist of those models is just over the top for my taste.

The cloth assembles pretty straightforward though, and the usual suspects are cast in metal. You ceratinly don`t need a degree in rocket science to put this bloke together, and apart from the helmet - it really is oversized - is a nice representation of the anime cloth`s version.

As with most of the Gold saints, I chose to include the cloak as well, it just makes them look more `regal` and it will only be with two or three that I`m leaving it off, namely the `older` blokes that don`t fight personally in the Sanctuary assault in their houses.

It ain`t a shabby buy to get this version of Aiolia, as you can grab it all over the net and on fairs for a real cheap price, certainly now with the EX on the market, but I cannot honestly rate this model very highly even though I kinda like the fella`s spirit. He might have been born in Greece according to the background story, I bet it was from Irish immigrants ;) but I can only give him a 1 out of 5, the face and helmet are just to wrong. A shame, but inderstandable if you see the age of the model compared to a lot of the newer ones.

Now I just hope that kitty ain`t comming back to avenge this poor score and smack me around...

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