zaterdag 19 november 2011

Magic The Gathering - What Bulk...?

With the Library of Blue project now 3 / 4 ths done, I started to gather together all the various Magic Cards cluttering around and put them orderly together in boxes... and then you realise that they start to tally up together quite massively

All this was gathered together SINCE Crisis, where I dumped the previous lot, the size of the plastic case in the picture, on the Bring and Buy, so this is what I managed to get together in only 2 weeks time. Yes, buying joblots tends to do this to a collection, as well as playing in sanctioned and non-sanctioned draft events.

So now it is time to start loosing some of those cards. Quite a lot in fact, so i`m going to trade them off for things outside the Library. I realise that the cards needed there aren`t around in my gaming groups, so I`ll be buying the missing pieces off from sites like and such. These boxes full of commons, uncommons and rares will get till like new year to be traded away, otherwise I`ll just have to look around for a way to get them to go somewhere, but those are worries I`m not worrying about for now.

Of course, Magic blue isn`t the only card sets I collect. Last week, i FINALLY completed my Saint Seiya english version collection so I now have each and every card of that game printed in english (2 starter series and 1 set of boosters)...

... so the time has come to complete another of my card collections. Yes, i`m a collector first and a player second.

The second edition of Decipher`s Star Trek CCG, black borders. And probably after the core set of 400+ cards, I`m starting the various expansions of this now long defunct game, so it shouldn`t be to expensive to get them, though it might prove a challenge to actually find the ones I still need.

Roight, off to make a checklist for the Trekkie cards then it is, ciao ciao

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