dinsdag 15 november 2011

To find my Spiritia Competitia back...

I had it burried for years. My `competitive spirit` was burried deep down together with the last tournament I played, when I witnessed some disgusting rulings and plays by `the local team`.

I founded `the Far Side` then, it`s goal to play other things in a friendly campaing like spirit and I managed for years to take the units that i found that looked `cool` over the units that are worth their points in gold.

But I feel my `Spiritia Competitia` reawekening recently. Partly fired back up by Magic: The Gathering (though I still only play mono Blue over the more effective decks possible), partly by the planned return to Games Workshop games.

I don`t blame those games per se though, I blame myself as I start to feel that gnawing feeling underneath to play competitively again, see some fresh opponents and rumble a bit around in smaller tournaments.

I played my very first sanctioned DCI last week, ending 7th out of 12. I`m rebuilding and repainting my Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 forces.

Mind you, when i was younger, I played sports (korfball, soccer, some other thingies) and I am the first to admit I had to have it more of my `grinta` (that`s bulldoggy determination for those not knowing) then of talent. The same went with wargames, the refusal to just give up if things started to go sour netted me a good amount of `come back against all odds` wins.

So I`m appologising in advance to my regular game group. I know myself, I know that if it blazes back to it`s old heights, I`ll be building my forces again with the `destruction above all else` philosophy in mind.

Yes, I`m going to come after you, your asses will all be owned. I am after all, the leader in the alltime Far Side board!


Editorial: yes, this was pure psych propaganda to scare the heck out of you for the 6mm Future War Commander campaign starting friday

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