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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 27: Hypnos, God of Sleep

Roight, let me put this straight, I don`t like the twins. Not one bid at all. In fact, the best moment for me was when the injured Manigoldo (and not only because of him, that was a bonus) smacked Thanatos on the cheek to fulfill his statement that he as a mortal could lay a hand on a god.

Glad I was when they where sealed away / defeated, depending if you watch The Lost Canvas or the Elysium chapter of the original series.

The twin Gods are the servants of Hades, protecting his body in Elysium and grooming the host for the next incarnation of Hades. They run many plots over a long period of years in order to achieve this goal, and Hypnos is the more relaxed and subtle of the two.

He focusses on manipulating people and his main attack is to put people, and even the Godess Athena, in a deep sleep they cannot awaken from (although Shun proves otherwise) except by his willing.

He is finally defeated by Hyoga and Shiryu when their cloths, having reached the divine state, combine their Cosmo to shatter the Eternal Drowsiness, then detroy his Kamuii.

The cloth on the other hand, I like...

It comes in a box the size of the God bornze cloths, but is even fatter, and it contains a LOT of parts, including even small rings to lock pieces in place like on the front of the chest piece.

The option of the white cloak is also included to wear over the kamuii, but then you cannot attach the whole `butterfly wing` construction, so I opted to not use the robe. It also contains a lot of metal pieces, so the model is quite heavy once completed.

An example of the incredible detail on this model is the waist section, as the robe is three layers of interlocking pieces over each other, with an `under robe`, then the large parts with all the moveable flaps at the bottom, and then on top of that hip guards. The helmet piece consists also of seperate wings attached to the headband.

Facial and hair sculpt are spot on (no glasses though for the Lost Canvas fans) and to top it all off, the model even is well balanced when not using the special Bandai stands.

It`s a great model. Sure, it is one of the more expensive clothes out there, going around the 100 euros mark on most websites, but it is worthwhile each and every penny for the collector and fan alike.

I`m rating this one no less then the 5 out of 5, for even though as I said I don`t like the character of Hypnos, there isn`t much not to like on the Myth cloth of Hypnos!

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