woensdag 23 november 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 28: Shiryu of Dragon God Cloth

The final instalment of the first batch of nine, but not the last cloth I have standing in my cabinet at all though.

When the bronze saints entered Elysium, and their cloths and the gold cloths send to help them where shattered, they managed to awaken their ultimate cosmo. This resulted in their bronze clothes, which had been repaired with blood of the godess Athena, to awaken to their divine state, equalling the kamuii armours of the gods themselves.

Shiryu`s cloth awakened together with Hyoga`s in the fight against Hypnos, and their combined attack defeated the God of Sleep easily, as they had observed his attack earlier and a Saint of Athena cannot be harmed by an attack he already witnessed.

The cloth is like the Hypnos cloth I reviewed earlier this week, sheer awesomeness, even though I`m not a fan of those God clothes at all. The downside on Shiryu is the same as on his normal bronze cloth, the click in claws to keep the shoulder guards in place. This can result in some frustrating balancing when assembling the model until it literally `all falls into place`.

The facial sculpt however is completely spot on, and the colouring of the cloth is absolutely gorgeous in it`s rich and vibrant light green and silver with golden details.

It also comes with a tail for the headpiece, using the same principle of interlocking pieces like Milo of Scorpio to give it flexibility. It is a heavy model with the large pieces cast in metal, but it is, just like Hypnos, perfectly balanced for display.

The God Cloths are top of the line in the series, both anime and manga alike, and after now reviewing two it also goes for the Myth Cloths. I am however only granting Shiryu a 4 due to the bloody shoulder lock system, but mind you, it is worth having this model in your collection!

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