woensdag 9 november 2011

Zargath of the Burning Flame

Zargath is the gatekeeper of the Obsidian Stringhold, the home ziggurat of the Clan Vongalazthag. For as long as anyone can remember, when he is not on the battlefield he stands above the gatehouse, peering over the desolate plains in search or threads to his clan.
Some invaders rumour he has long been petrified and that his body only serves as a repellant symbol, but when he unleashes his martial prowess on the battlefield, hefting his obsidian bladed axe, many of those rumours come to a brusk end... often together with the rumourspreaders.

Accompanying are a pair of pet Firespitters, vicious creatures born from the plains of lava. Their bodies are pure magma, topped with obsidian carapaces.
Thoug if caught by an early age, they can be domesticated and trained to become the equivalent of a pair of strong hunting dogs, though it is generally advised to always keep a pair of them, they tend to engage in fireball spitting games which if they ain`t shooting at each other can make a mess of anyone`s furniture.
They are also totally sucked out of my thumb because I had those beasts lying around from the Monsterpocalypse game, and I won`t be knocking up any rules for them.
When Zargath will do duty as the champion in a blunderbuss regiment, these fella`s will be placed right behind him as a unit filler and `count as` a normal warrior armed with the `buss.

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