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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 22: Mu of Aries

After the master, it is time for the pupil. Gold Saint Mu of Jamir, cloth repairer and Aries saint.

Under the tutelage of Shion, the Pope of the Sanctuary, Mu was able to become the Gold Saint of Aries at a young age. While all gold saints have a base of psychic powers to some degree, Mu has been stated to possess the strongest raw psychic talent among all living gold saints.

Mu is very soft spoken, with a scholarly-like personality: his demeanor is very tranquil and logical, almost as if he is a professor of the Sanctuary.

Before the start of the series, Mu removed himself from Sanctuary after suspecting that his mentor (and then-Pope), Aries Shion, had been quietly assassinated. He relocated to Jamir, a mystical land that only those with a high level of either psychic or Cosmo power can enter. From here, Mu severed all ties to Sanctuary and lived a life of solitude with his apprentice, the young psychic Kiki. It wasn't until years later, when he met Dragon Shiryu and Pegasus Seiya, that he began to become involved in the affairs of Sanctuary again.

Although he has left Sanctuary many years ago, Mu was bound by duty to return to Sanctuary when Saori Kido declares that she is Athena, and challenges the Pope for leadership of Sanctuary. When the Bronze Saints were sent to make their run through the 12 Temples, they see that Aries Mu was the guardian of the first temple. Instead of fighting them, Mu tells the Bronze Saints that their Cloth withstood small amounts of damage over the past battles, and asks them to spend 1 hour here so he could repair them. He also reveals to the Bronze Saints about the "Seventh Sense," the strongest cosmo that is mastered by the Gold Saints.

During the war against Poseidon's Marine Generals, Leo Aiolia wanted to join the Bronze Saints to save Athena. Unable to stand still, with the knowledge that the weaker Bronze Saints are battling overwhelming odds, enemies powerful than them, and even confronting a God - decides to leave the House of Leo and head off to Atlantis to help the Bronze saints. However, Mu reveals that under orders of Roshi (who acts as second-in-command of Sanctuary due to the death of the Grand Pope, and the absence of Athena - and him being the Eldest of the Gold Saints) all the Gold Saints must remain in Sanctuary, to prepare themselves for "the war that is ahead."

Not to much can be said about this cloth that I didn`t say in the review of Shion yesterday, as the cloths are almost identical. The surplice is a `dark version` of the gold cloth, differing only in details of `pointiness`. What is the case however, is that Shion`s face, being one of the recenter sculpts, is a bit better done then Mu, but Mu has the long flowing ponytail he sports in the series.

One nice little gimmick though, and which I included in my pose of the model, is the fact that Mu`s tools are included in the set to repair damaged cloths. it`s a nice touch in my opinion, reflecting his role in the series pre- Hades - Sanctuary arc, where he rises more to the front like the other gold saints.

It`s certainly not a bad model to have in your display cabinets, and you won`t pay exurberant prices to find his classic version like I have on the net, even though there is now also an EX version of him out. I don`t really like those though, even if they are more detailed and articulated, I have issues with that`s line uberthin waists, so I`ll stick with the classic Myth cloths. But at the end of the road, I`m rating Mu a 2.5 / 5 for the above mentioned reasons, nothing spectacular, nothing really wrong, just a `one of the boys` set.

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