zondag 20 november 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 26: Krishna of Chrysaor

One of the Marina Generals of Poseidon, Krishna defended the Indian Ocean Pillar against Shiryu.

The scales come with the Golden Lance, a weapon said to be able to pierce the hardest material, it quickly makes short work of the Dragon cloth and the fabled Dragon shield. Shiryu finds himself grotesquely overpowered when the soul of Shura reaches out to him and tells him of the weapon hidden now in the Dragon Saint`s right arm: Excalibur.

Shiryu manages to break the lance with this fabled attack and the power of the Gold saints running in his cloth. Krishna then, like Shaka, starts using his spiritual energy to battle the dragon saint, but Shiryu manages to defeat him by hitting his chakra points.

The Chrysaor cloth was a welcome suprise to me. I`m not all that fond of the Poseidon designs, and didn`t had to many warm feelings when I added this gy to the collection, but assembly proved me wrong.

The combination of the colouring, together with the `halo` like device behind Krishna`s head, gives this model a certain regal look, dignified as it may.

The assembly itself doesn`t give to much problems, it follows the pattern we have gotten used to with the generals with thier chest locking over waist armour, and the usual parts are in metal. He also comes with two `zen` hands, for those who want to build him in his barechested pose as he fights once the Golden Lance had been destroyed.

Facial sculpt and hair sculpt are finely executed, the only drawback is, like I said with others before, a drawback generated by me not using the special stands Bandai has for the line. If you want to stabilize him for display without the clamp stands, you have to spread his legs just a bit to far open resulting in the waist armour not nicely closing together. But that isn`t an influence on his rating, and against even my own expectations, I`m granting this model a royal 4 out of 5, it is definitly worth the buy!

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