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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 21: Shion of Aries

Remember my surplice question from Garuda... still waiting for an answer?

The second of the huge lot I talked about that I won is another surplice, this time one of the `undercover` dead gold saints, Shion of Aries.

Survivor of the last Holy War together with Dohko of Libra, Shion went on to become the new pope of Sanctuary. After he became pope, he started training an apprentice cloth repairer who would become the new Aries saint, and he found this disciple in Mu, also hailing from Jamir.

After Athena had once again reincarnated as a human infant after more than two centuries, Shion began preparations for the inevitable war. He understood that, due to old age, his own time would soon be up, and therefore needed to choose a successor for his seat. With the exception of Sagittarius Aiolos and Gemini Saga, all of the Gold Saints were too young and inexperienced to take up the responsibilities. After a lengthy time of consideration, Shion eventually settled on the Gold Saint of Sagittarius. While Aiolos was not as powerful as Saga, Shion felt confident in his choice because he knew of Aiolos' undying loyalty to Athena and undeniable devotion to virtue.

Unfortunately, Shion was confronted by Saga in regards to his decision shortly after the announcement. It seems Saga felt discontent at Shion's choice, and demanded an explanation for it. Shion revealed that, while he acknowledged that Saga had a heavenly reputation and was the more powerful of the two, he could not help but sense something terrifyingly dark within the Gemini Saint. It is at this point that Saga confirmed Shion's suspicions, and assaulted the weary Pope with a deathblow.

In the Underworld, the realm of the dead, it was announced that Hades would attack the Sanctuary and unleash the Greatest Eclipse on Earth, this left the dead Saints in a predicament, because they were dead and unable to do anything, but opportunity rose when Hades told them that, if they killed Athena they would live again then, not even death could keep Shion away from aiding Athena in her Holy War against Hades. Even after years since his assassination, Shion returned from death to help Athena and the current Saints with a way to get into the realm of the Dead. Originally, it was assumed that Shion, along with other deceased Saints such as Saga, Shura, Camus, Deathmask, and Aphrodite, had sold their soul to Hades in exchange of resurrection and returned to Sanctuary to kill Athena. It turned out that this was a grand scheme by the former Pope and the dead Saints in order to get a message to Athena — that she must die and awaken her 8th sense if she hoped to successfully defeat Hades within his domain.

After the message had been delivered, Shion met with the Bronze Saints Seiya, Shiryū, Hyōga, and Shun to inform them of the truth of what had taken place with the Gold Saints and Athena. Perhaps as a nod to his apprentice's talents for armor reparation, Shion instantly restored all four Saints' individual Cloths using the blood of Athena. Finally, with his last act as the Grand Pope, Shion commanded the young Bronze Saints to invade the realm of the dead — they shall not stop until every Specter had been killed, and Hades himself was on his knees.

In the manga, it is at this point that Shion's restored body gave way and the former Aries perished into dust. In the anime adaptation the event is depicted in the same way, although Shion lasted until near sun rise; prior to disappearing for good, Shion once more united with his old friend Dohko to share past times for a brief moment.

The cloth itself comes in a deep and rich purple, but as the popquiz goes, it keeps eluding me what colour they really are. I still tend to vote to go with the scheme used on the Athena Exclamation limited edition statues, where they are a grey overal with purple details.

But, this is one beautiful model. Shion`s face is spot on and eminates the regality he had in the Hades arc, with his waving green mane of hair completely possible to recreate IF one uses the helmetless set. I however prefer to not do this, as all my cloths are `fully armoured` and wearing their headpieces for display.

The usual parts come in metal, like leg pieces, underarm, chest etc etc, and the colour is consignent between metal and plastic parts. The model assembles really nicely and doesn`t suffer from balance issues to pose it, as I went for the outstretched arm pose from the moment the Hades Surplice Gold Saints (is that even a term?) revealed themselves to Mu from under their cloaks.

There is one detail you should really pay attention to: the eyes. This models eyes colouring job is so greatly done I thought I would just mention it on the go along.

I`m rating this a 4 out of 5 stars Myth cloth, as one of the `new generation` aka the people that got into Saint Seiya through Next Dimension or Lost Canvas, iconic characters looks great in his `evil` incarnation!

Ciao Ciao

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