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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 25: Shun of Andromeda v2

Sweet Shun, gentle Shun... girly Shun. This impression of Shun being a girl at first wasn`t helped for my generation of Club Dorothee viewers, when the saint was initially portrayed with a female voice. After a few episodes, the frenchies saw their mistake and he got a more manly voice, but the fact that he sported a double D equipped pink cloth didn`t help either of course.

Shun is a pacifist, not happy to kill his opponents and trying to force them to surrender with the use of his Nebula Chains, but he has on the other hand the most deadly, not lethal to himself, attack of the fabulous five with his Nebula Storm. This attack was first seen in his battle vs Pisces Aphrodite as he can raise the power of the attack indefinitly.

Shun fights out of loyalty. Loyalty to Athena, to his frieds and most of all, out of a loyalty to prove himself to his brother, the Phoenix saint Ikki, who had taken his place as an orphan as Shun was first picked to go after the Phoenix cloth.

When the other bronze saints frequently gotten the aid of their master`s gold cloths in times of severe peril, Shun can pull a better a rabbit out of his hat, the incredibly strong Ikki, a man who cannot be more different then his brother as Nachi once remarked.

Now, I don`t like this cloth at all. The facial sculpt is not accurate, and for some reason it just looks `wrong` in an out of scale way, not really representing the delicate nature of Shun. I can`t quite put my finger on it why this is the case, it is just something that caught my eye when placing him in the display cabinet after assembly.

The cloth does come with three sets of chains, two metal and one plastic. One of the metal versions is the longer one that winds across the cloth when in object mode, the shorter one is the one I used around the arms. The third, a plastic one, can be bend and positioned to represent attacks like the Rolling Defense, but as it is normal with plastics, looks not shiny and rather out of place if added to the model.

The legs, underarms and chest of the model are also metal parts, and it is a very simple assembly to make a cloth out of a humanoid object, not to much this or that`s to go around. But still, not really a top cloth for my tastes, so I`m going to have to rate this one only a measly 1 out of 5 on my `Tomsche Scale of Subjective Saint Ratings` or `TSSSR` for short ;)

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