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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 24: Milo of Scorpio

Another day, another episode in my Myth cloth marathon... and this time another of the Gold saints, Milo of Scorpio.

I never quite liked the `silent assassin` of the Sanctuary, even though in the anime he was the first one to be revealed by rank and fully armoured, showing the audience a glimpse of the `ultimate` saint class of Athena.

Since his main technique inflicts immense pain to its victims, Milo always gives his opponents the option to either surrender, or become insane due to the unbearable pain. He also sees great importance in the pride of the Gold Saints and seems to be always ready to clean the name of his companions. Even so, he is a noble warrior who can admit defeat even against a weaker or inferior enemy. Since Milo fought Hyoga, he spoke to Aquarius Camus in a way that led the fans to believe they were close friends. This is something we`re also starting to see in the Lost Canvas anime, where he and the Aquarius saint stand before Hades`s Castle right before the end of season 2, and will be explored more in season 3 when it comes out apparently. yes, I read spoilers and fanscans of the manga`s...

I always thought of Milo as one of the weakest Gold saints, as his main attack, the Scarlett Needle, hits the opponent 12 times before the final blow, Antares, makes the 13th hit and kills the enemy. In many a Saint Seiya fight, I can`t imagine you even getting the time to attack 13 times...

After the battle in the Twelve Houses ended, to atone for his actions, Milo used his own blood to repair the Cygnus Bronze Cloth.

In the Hades arc, he faces off against an unarmoured and non defending Kanon, the Sea Dragon general of the Poseidon arc, who has come to help Athena and don the Gemini cloth of his deceased twin Saga.
After he finished, Kanon fell into a bloody mess in the ground. Milo apologized to Athena and walked to the exit, but before he could exit, Kanon rose and asked him if he would leave Athena with an enemy. Milo only said that in that room there was no enemy, only a fellow Gold Saint, Gemini Kanon. After Milo finally returned to the Scorpio house, Kanon told Athena that Milo had only been testing his loyalty, and that the last attack was not Antares, but a fake hit which stopped his hemorrhage (similar to what he did to cure Hyoga in the Sanctuary Arc).

After Milo was defeated by Rhadamantys, he escaped from Cocytus to finally fall before the Wailing Wall, when he and his brothers-in-arms made the ultimate sacrifice for the Gold Saints of Athena, breeching the obstacle and allowing the bronze saints passage to Elysium.

The cloth itself, like all the Gold saints, is one of the older sculpts in the range, and has some weaknesses, but I must say they aren`t to big on Milo. His facial sculpt is okay, the hair has a nice flowing aspect to them including the `ruffed` looking pieces at the front of his head, and it comes with a right hand with red fingernail for the Scarlett Needle attack.

The blessing (and curse if your all thumbs like me) comes in the tail of the headpiece, which is made up of small, connecting links to make it able to `flow` as the builder wishes. It`s a bit of tieny wieny work to get those all nicely lined up, and I suggest to future buyers that you do it onto the head piece right untill it would reach the neck of the model, then put the headpiece, and if you want alos the cloak, onto the model. After that, continue linking up till you get to the bauble at the end.

The usual parts are metal with the legs, chestpiece, under arms, etcetera. It`s not to shabby a model at all, and certainly the better of the three Gold saints that i got with this huge lot. I as such would rate it 3.5 out of 5, and he makes a nice addition to any collector`s collection... but since your a collection, the saints are like Pokemon, you gotta catch `em all is it not ;)

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