vrijdag 25 november 2011

The Real Blondes

So, I`m a Marvel man in the first place, and barely have any Dc stable comics. I don`t know how that happened exactly, as both have their real strong stories, and both have their ultimate crap stories.
But I guess I like the X-Men just a lot more then I like the Justice League I think.

However, when i was shopping for Heroclix`s half a year ago in bulk lots, I managed to scoop up a couple of DC models as well, and I repainted two of them the last week. Both being minor characters, I would estimate B, or even C until recently, listers, Animal Man and Booster Gold have joined my ranks of future SuperSystem combattants.

"Buddy" Baker, aka Animal Man, has the power to copy abilities of animals. He didn`t have to high a mainstay in the comic line, until Mark Miller (of Ultimate Marvel`s universe fame) gave him a make-over and sales rised high.

Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, is a 25th century thief / timetraveller gone hero, kind of like Cpt Harkness of the Who-niverse. SyFy just recently ordered a pilot for a series involving Booster, so chances are if this takes of he will become a lot more popular in the not so far future...

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