zaterdag 19 november 2011

Tribute to First of Many

No, this isn`t a tribute to the Borg or some other mass alien invasion race from movie X or serie Y.

This is a tribute to the single most important figure in any wargames army, wether it be fantasy, sci-fi or historical.

He is included in every force, or enjoy a happy old day in a relegated borderpost called display cabinet.

No, I`m not talking about the General. Nor the Standard Bearer, and it ain`t the Mythical Hero either.

First of Many is the valiant soul that fights shoulder to shoulder with the troops. A Thousand Death's are his destiny, he will march many miles, and run many more.

He will face off against cavalry, dragon or tank alike. He will dodge bullets, evade laser beams, survive artillery barrages and block sword strokes.

He will gather around his flag, and will be prepared to lay down his life for the ultimate goal in order to secure victory for your forces.

He is First of Many, he is that very first Rank and File model you paint up in order to test the colour scheme of the army to come...

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