dinsdag 1 november 2011

The Library of Blue

In my never-ending quest to do something I come to regret big time afterwards, I (re)started a Library of Blue for Magic: The Gathering.

That means, try to collect each and eevry blue spell out there, and store in binders, resulting in a for me easier way to build a deck, get inspiration, just keep drooling over some pieces of gorgeous artwork etc etc...

The thing is though, between my last outing 15 years ago and the new start, a LOT of cards have been added to the game, and it is a monk`s work to transfer all the checklists found all over into a WORD file, which as it stands now is about 100 pages long, and I still have to do about 12 sets of cards.

But then the funny part starts... sorting through literally a few thousand blue cards I have lying around here, series by series, card by card, in chronological sequence of the expansions and alphabetical sequence within each set... then store them in those 9-page plastic maps.

Certainly one of my better ideas, BUT it is a great `tool` that way to trade around within the older sets. The real competitive players look for the good cards in this or that format, and I can get nice deals of `rubbish` cards to fill out the entire collection and casual game use.

I estimate the whole shabang while be typed up by midnight, so tomorrow I head of to the city for some more boxes of Ultra Pro`s, and I happen to know a little store where they still even have Fallen Empires boosters in the racks!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Compiling and meticulously organising EVERY blue card ever printed? That's madness! Which I guess is kind of fitting for blue...

  2. Aye, all the checklists are printed now and ultr pro `sleeve pages` added in binders, bringing it down to through of those wide back binders and one extra with the current `Standard format` block... only took about three days LOL.

    Now to sort through a pile of about 6000 extra blue cards to round it all out...