zondag 29 juni 2014

A Good Catch

Irony is a bitch that often comes back to bite you in the behind.

Days after I posted about how Belgium doesn`t have a garage sale culture and rarely any LEGO is to be found there... I had a garage sale behind my corner and found 3 LEGO sets.

They had been build, so not new, but they are complete.  Initially, the seller asked 15 euros for each of the space sets and 20 for the Time Cruisers set, but some haggling (it was a gushing rain here today), I managed to scoop them for 20.

Now, I`m not planning on actually `building` any of the sets, they will be distributed through my collection, with parts I`ll never use (the typical space things like the large `glass` dome and such) going in my curver box of, well, probably never going to be used bricks.

The first set I got was this: 6958 Explorers Android Base, starting on BrickLink in used condition for 70 USD.

Now, I would have grabbed this even without haggling (heck, I`d probably had taken them all for 50 euros anyways), because it has a grey baseplate (which I`ll need for my AoM phase 3 of Walls), and some more white parts to be cannibalised from the set.

The second set, 6959 is the Spyrius Lunar Launch Base, BL used price around 55 USD complete and boxed.

The intresting parts for me here are a bit of generics on the one hand, and `rock sides` especially.  The base plate I`m in doubt, but I think I`ll be using that as a base for when the Book 2 of Historica returns to it`s final chapter, set in Nocturnus, and build upon that.

The final gain is this one: 6493 the Flying Time Vessel, and the cheapest on BL starting around 25 USD

Now oddly enough, this was the one they initially asked the most for, but goes the cheapest on the secondary market.  I guess they where just going by the size of the box.  But for an AFOL, this set has a LOT of great pieces, with the gray ship hull, the dragon wings, the monkey etc...

All in all, a great find, worth 150 USD excluding shipping had I taken to BrickLink (even more if I went eBay-yi) and a lot of pieces to sort out now on top of a lot of pieces I still need to sort out.

The life of an AFOL is never sorted ;-)

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