zaterdag 28 juni 2014

The Plan - Week 20 - Minifgures Online

I did play some this week, but unfortunatly with the NDA, even in Open Beta now, I cannot say to much about it.

Now, what i can say is, get the game, it`s simple, it`s enjoyable and it runs on a tablet as well.

But the first impressions then:

My character `Bizarre Sugary Owl` (it is generated at random, you can tinker with it though a little) is actually a three character slot, so you can toggle between them.  All characters fill up the same XP bar and gain the same stars and diamonds (used for upgrading), BUT every character has a different upgrade `meter` so you will have to do them all on a one by one basis from your generic pool of Stars.

Now, I have been playing with the starter set containing the Forest Maiden, and I think the defender is a highly enjoyable character to play so far, with her AoE slower special attack and her three arrow shot that damages anything in a cone.

Of course, being a LEGO afficionado, I did get the Membership, which grants you more bags (aka characters) and diamonds, BUT the maps are also filled with `Pocket Adventures`, small short instances that yield bonus loot and possible extra minifigure bags.

However, you HAVE to have membership to be able to enter this, these small rooms are not accessible for the Free to Play gamers.  Don`t despair, you can find collectible minifig bags outside these small instances as well.

Another benefit is that you can log in and log out everywhere, you don`t have to be in a station or such as in some FtP`s to be allowed to save progress.  A minor thing perhaps, but it works.  And the minifigures are now in open Beta controllable with the keyboard as well, no longer mouse moving only.

Drawbacks?  Well, so far the only thing for me is the very high respawn rate of mobs.  Okay, you can boss them and get a lot more XP out of them like that, but your busy like all the time, no causal stroll or quick AFK unless your in a safe zone.

Conclusion so far: the game IS addictive, and for me a serious contender for WoW in those occassional `only a quick half an hour` to play moments.  It lacks so far the big raids and such, doubtful considering the target demographic those uberhaubt will come, but yes, it is a fun little game.

And one in the busy week ahead I`ll be visiting more for sure, I`ll really will have to force myself I think to do WoW and the Midsummer festival (which in luckily already have completed as a Meta).

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