dinsdag 3 juni 2014

Lots and lots of cards...

Almost 200 cards have been added to my binders the past week, the biggest lot coming in just this morning.

Through the Facebook Group I`m a member of, I could get my hands on 139 cards from both the TV Series + Hades, as well as the Hades: The Sanctuary trading card series by Amada.

Thanks to mister Said Salem for these:

But what was more, I received these 5 specials as a free gift for getting that many cards from him, from both the Movie II collection as well as the regular Amada series:

But that isn`t all I got to put in my binders, through other more well known channels like the `Bay, as well as a french trading card forum, I could put all these cards from the Amada ccg in the relevant binder...

Okay, so due to some of them coming in a big lot, i have some doubles, which can be found on my alternate blog page.

And now, I`m off to go drool over all the pretty pictures ;-)

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