zondag 15 juni 2014

The Plan - Week 18

Even though I haven`t been able to play on a daily basis, I did get some good hours in the past week, focussing mostly on finishing the Raid quests I still had in my log through the LFR system

And I finished both the Isle of Thunder as the Sigil quests from Wrathion...

However, further adventures have been rather limited, mostly working towards completing some `minor` achievements like in the cooking department, and doing the Tol Barad runs when I could. 

The Guild Works

Well, slaughtering crabs and fishing up Fathom Eels for the guild achievements have been going moderatly well on those few times I got to play.  Bar the accidental critter that a guildie kills, that is IF there are any guildies around (about never these days, at this rate I WILL be inheriting the guild), it currently stands at these numbers

Critters killed: 17956 / 50000 -> that is going to pop the 18k the coming week
Fish Caught: 2539 / 10000 -> 2600 should be do-able
Cataclysm Cooking: 2739 / 5000 -> I`m aiming at the 2800 mark here

Why these modest numbers?  Well, because I won`t be playing that much of WoW the coming weeks, probably just popping around when Midsummer hits.

This week, further adventures have started in trying to grind down big beasties for the white raptor mount, 9999 dinosaur bones to grab on the isle.  This is going to be a hard grind, and I should combine it really with the Timeless Isle actually, but it is going to be `not for now` I fear.

And all because I received an e-mail, that has this part in it...

Welcome to the final LEGO® Minifigures Online Closed Beta phase!
Congrats! You have been selected to take part in the last Closed Beta phase for LEGO Minifigures Online. This is the final push before the game goes into Open Beta, and we are looking for your feedback to help us improve the game as much as possible before we let the masses in

Of course, I`ll be under the NDA (Non-Disclosure Act) with this, so I won`t be allowed to share screenshots or such for the new MMO, so the next episodes of this series are probably going to be rather small, unless I get some flashy thingies done in the short WoW sessions I`ll be putting in...

Other things to do though on a gaming level: The Wolf Among Us, Vita The Walking Dead, Chu playing her PS3 Walking Dead,  Lego the Hobbit on both...

To much to do, to little game hours to put in with the end of the school year works... and Magic... and the world cup of course!

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