donderdag 12 juni 2014

New card acquisitions

Even though I`m currently putting time into building a `buy list` for Magic the Gathering now that I`m back in the competitive game (I`ll be doing a big post on this matter one of the days), my search for completing the Saint Seiya collection is never over.

To that end, I obtained a few cards again the past week, and I`ll need to compile the checklist for the `Cosmo Power` series as well, as I have a few of these in the target circle on eBay at the moment.

The first cards to be added where traded through the Facebook group I use often, as I traded three series 3 Omega uncommons for this two cards of the older Amada ccg game with Mr David Pattisier.

Then I found this set over on eBay, though for the three italian gold saints I don`t have a checklist currently, so they are going in the special binder of cards where I, like deuh, still need to track down checklists.

Finally I obtained this Super Deformed series card through my regular contact from `the Bay`...

And now we can start counting down to the new Crusade set detailing part 4 of Omega as well as the CGI movie... and that will be with us in less then a month.

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