donderdag 19 juni 2014

Myth Cloth Pegasus Koga and upcoming releases

The Pegasus saint of the recently finished Omega series, Koga is a character that received mixed feelings amongst the community.

He is like Seiya rash and a `head first` kind of guy, and like in the whole franchise, the winged horse IS the main protagonist, so needlessly to say he is the one that gets the ultimate upgrades and gets to defeat the end level bosses.

But is this something to hold against him?  I think not, but standing in the central spotlight, one tends to draw as much hate as love from followers. 

My stand on him is somewhere down the middle.  As an `old school` fan, of course I loved the entrance in the series of `my` generation of bronzes, even though they seem to have been down scaled in power to let the new generation shine... or not (seeing the fight between Ikki and one of the heavenly kings, or Shun and Hyoga versus the two main henchmen of Saturn).

But I don`t think Koga was the worst of the lot, even though the series eventually during it`s run turned away a bit from him until the final two episodes, making the original saints, and Seiya in particular, as well as Subaru looking to have become the main heroes.

About the Myth cloth

Well, of course the clothstone versions where not possible to make in Myth form, but once they `returned` to their normal state at the beginning of season 2, with object modes, Pandora boxes and the whole shabang, the options opened.

Though more elaborate then the original series with a lot of gem stones and such, the Pegasus cloth isn`t THAT ugly as some made it shine out, my only not liking part on the design is the large gems that are on the knee protectors, and the blue `frame` of the object form.  But since I display them in Saint mode, that part I can at least ignore.

Assembly, like most bronzes over the generations, is pretty straight forward, though the new generation has some more pieces in their armour then the original ones, more on par with the old Silver Saint designs.  The hardest part to assemble on Koga in particular is the `clicking in` of the gemstone on the chest, I can`t really figure why that piece wasn`t just perma attached to it.

The regular mixture of main parts in metal and smaller ones in plastic keeps up here as well, so no suprises there...

Upcoming Cloths

Well, some things are on the horizon.  First off, there is the EX version of Surplice Shura, not one I have on my to get list unless I can snatch it away on the really cheap.

Second, with the CGI movie and roadshow finally coming out this weekend, there is the third cloth of the line, Gemini Saga, in a mixture of dark and good look.  I`ve still not decided on this one to love or hate, but the Pegasus from that line, I`m definitly getting.  And I hope they bring out Hyoga of course!!!

Finally there is the third Omega character on the way, Aquila Yuna.  I didn`t like the character, I don`t like the cloth design, so it is highly unlikely I will get her straight away, I was hoping more on Lionet Souma being released first...

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