zaterdag 14 juni 2014

Athena Microcosm Card

Thanks to Thomas from the Facebook Saint Seiya dard trading group, I`ve now completed the Hades Chapter of Crusade Saint Seiya.

He actually brought this card along from Japan, then send it to me from France...

Now, these Microcosmo cards are quite expensive and quite rare, especially over here, far away from the retail stores.  You must hope you get them in the boosters you buy when the set comes out, because after that it can become quite hard to get your greedy little paws on them, but it has worked out in the end.  How expensive?  Think the current top card prices when a new Magic set comes out, and do that by about times 3...

But now the lady Saori sits in her rightful, protected spot in my binders

Only a few more of the Crusade cards are now lacking in my collection (see The House of Cards tab), excluding of course the new set coming out soonishly.

On the same note, from my regular eBay `provider`, I scored another one of the Deformed series Act 2 cards, slowly but steadily we`re getting there on completing the whole hunk a chunk collection woop woop.

Now all I have to do one of these days is add the Cosmo card series checklists to the HoC tab, as I obtained a full list for them and can start detracting the few cards I already possess for that series ;-)

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