vrijdag 6 juni 2014

The Sanguine Elves MoC

My latest MoC creation, this one is indeed inspired by the Blood Elves of World of Warcraft.  I wanted to do one since the beginning of the year, it was on my year goals, and now that one can be scratched off with this entry in category b for the Avalonian civil war part.

"Aaaand here I need to take a left turn, and theeen.... ooops"

Oops indeed.  Suddenly hagen came out of the bushes as he followed the map the crazy Fox oracle had given to him, and found himself eye to eye with Elves.

But these didn`t seem like ordinary elves... no, these must indeed be those mysterious lost elves, the tribe the oracle had send him to to recruit them in their effort against the malicious drow.

The warrior maiden introduced herself as Kel`Halle, Blood Knight of the Sanguine Elves.  He learned that over a decade ago, their civilisation was ravaged by an army of dead creatures, hoarded to their lands by the drow.

Yes, they would be more then willing to help in the war effort!

The details of the tower, using the Chima wings as well as the 10x1 slope

The typical signposts

The pond

Surrounding landscape

And of course, with the phoenix the symbol of the Sin`Dorei, I just wanted to represent it somewhere, settling for an image in the roof in the end

That`s my entry for a camp or staging post in this challenge, and the end of my participation for the Avalonian chapter as I lack time for even starting a C entry.  Comments more then welcome!

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