zaterdag 21 juni 2014

The Plan - Week 19

Not a minute of World of Warcraft has been put in this week...

... so I cannot post anything about the game, or any progress.

The reason is pretty simple, I have been doing the closed Beta that ended this week for Minifigures Online, the new LEGO MMO based on their various Minifigures blind bag series.

Now, i am bound by the NDA of course, so I won`t be allowed to post screenshots or give away to much information, but I can tell you this:

* Controls are very simple, as the game is aimed as well at little children.  One mouse to rule them all for now.

* Even though aimed at children, it has enough challenges to keep adults enjoy the game as well.  Though I doubt `die hard hardcore Raiders` as you find in any game will be having a blast.  The `high end content` MUST be achievable by a 6 year old as well as by a 30 year old of course.

* It is completely free, but with a payed option like most free-to-play games.  But like those others, LEGO can be played apparently perfectly without ever spending a dime.

* It has now entered Open Beta, so anyone can register and join in, and servers will NOT be reset when the Open Beta ends, so you keep your progress into the `real` game as it goes live.


The game has put a smile on my face when I played it.  It is a light hearted game, completely in the LEGO philosophy, and can be played on PC and tablet just as well.

Don`t be shaken by the idea of kiddies running around, as you can go around and have a nice experience all by yourself in the game, without to much stress of having to achieve this or finish that etc etc... it`s not heavy on PC requirements (as a Tablet must be able to run it just as well) and you can toggle the grpahics quality.

For the next week, I will be back to WoW, because Midsummer has started and I have to do the whole Northrend part of that event still, which should also break the yearly goal of 1000 achievements completed, so until next week, brick on!

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  1. I'e kept that picture as it looks like a great layout for a pirate wargames board!