donderdag 5 juni 2014

Brickdiction by Bill Deen - Book Review... and Homer

Written by Bill Deen (get it, sounds like `building`) this is a small book detailing the steps you have to admit to in order to confess your addicted to Lego bricks.

Created as a tongue in cheek work, this book details 7 phases you will be recognising and conclude you have an addiction, and how to start upon the path to complete recovery.

Though I must say, `book` is saying to much.  It`s more of a small booklet, only numbering 60 odd pages.  It is divided in first a two page chapter of common and uncommon `typical` Lego terms like AFOL, MOC, but also my favorite, `swooshable`.  This is the term when an adult takes one of his lego spaceships and goes through the room saying `swoosh`  and `pew pew pew` as he flies his model.  And hopes no-one is watching him doing it...

Next up are the 7 steps, each covering about 1.5 page per step, as well as a black and white picture of minifigs interacting with the number of that particular step.

Finally we have a confession by the author that he is brickdicted, and that it is one of the best and most toys out there in the current day of competing with things like videogames, and why you should stimulate people (and children) about playing with Lego.

It was a good giggle and at times even a serious laugh, but like I started, `book` is rating it to highly.  On the flipside, I got it from Amazon for a measly 3 dollars New, so it isn`t that much of an investment.

Is this an essential Lego book for a builder to have in his related library?  No.  Is it worth having it uberhaubt in your library? Again no.  But does it hurt to have it in the Lego library?  Definitly not, and it is one of those little works (you`ll get through it cover to back in about an hour) you can `accidently` let linger on the toilet magazine stack when you have a houseparty.  People will look at you differently for sure ;-)

Talking being addicted, the Simpsons House I didn`t buy, and the minifigs aren`t on my collection list even though I like the Simpsons series (and still have to watch the Lego episode... soon I will, after I caught up on Captain Earth and Sidonia no Kishi backlogs of a few weeks now for both), the only one I wanted to add to my collection for display purposes is...

Papapapaparapapapapapapaparapapa DOH

Okay, if they had done Comic Bookstore Guy, THAT one would have been an absolute MUST HAVE, he always was my fav character in the series, but he didn`t make the cut unfortunatly...

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