zaterdag 7 juni 2014

The Plan - Week 17

Albeit slowly, I`m getting back in the playing rhytm, and I can start doing some minor planning again.  

Putting in two game evenings this week, and with a weekend where I can add some more hours to the clock now coming, I managed to put the Sunreaver Onslaught to Exalted with a combination of Tillers planting, freeing up my patches now for `useful` material and start building to the Noodle Cart quests, as well as the occassional visit to the Isle of Thunder.

This also resulted in mount number 165 to be added to the collection, the Crimson Direhorn. 

The Mid-Term plans

Now, this means I no longer have any faction I can `Champion` for, the main grinds in Mists are dropping down to a halt for factions.

I`m going to move my focus now to other horizons in there, using the Tillers and some of the swifter dailies to grind gold pieces to build the second Mists engineering mount, one that costs me 60.000 alone in three specific orbs sold by the wandering Goblin in the vale.  With currently around 7k in the wallet, that is still an awesome 53k to go, but in the end that should be doable while grinding around for valour through instances.

Heart of the Valourous with it`s double tokens these days should help for that.

This should also allow to upgrade my gear further and grab a few of the Shado Pan Assault higher level items.

The Guild Goals

Well, I`m like the solo-player of the guild mostly these days.  I managed so far to get Cataclysm Cooking over the half way mark, ticking it off currently at 2507 / 5000 cooked recipies.  The Critter kills are at 17750 / 50000 so there is a lot of work to go, as is there with Lot of Bait, now standing at 2373 / 10000.

For the coming week, I want to push that last one at least to 2500 by fishing a lot in Pandaria, in order to get tokens that way that help in the cooking assistant quest line, while the Cataclysm cooking should see another 100 added by means of the daily Tol Barad runs until I can buy the dragon there.

Personal Achievements

I need 10 more on my Main in order to reach the 1000 `goal` gained achievements, and that is something I`m not worrying to much about right now.  In a few weeks, Midsummer event starts, and there are a lot of new achievements in Northrend added that I can snatch, which should get me on that mark.


Talking Northrend, I really will be forced to get both alts, the lvl 90 priestess and the level 77 Paladin, out there to the tournament and grind through all the steps one day.  I don`t see me make the cut otherwise before WoD arrives to obtain all the missing tournament mounts... but I so look up to that task...

Well, that is about it for the planning for this week, now let`s pop in and do some grinding for more and more gold and mounts.

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