woensdag 4 juni 2014

Pulling open 108 Magic Boosters...

Well, I have been saving these for a `rainy day`.  Well, not for a pensionfund or something, but I bought a booster box every time a new set came out, and kept them by manner of speaking under the bed.

Why?  Because I first needed to be sure I could play again.  If the block would rotate out, I could sell the sealed boxes, but I`m glad I got back in the action a few weeks after the thrid set of the Theros block.

So it was time to pull them all open, build out my pool and update my small weeny deck.

My hopes before beginning where as followed:

* As many of the Scry Lands as possible, lands always keep some use.
* A second Nykthos, for an idea I have
* about half a dozen Gods, preferably Purphoros
* 1 or 2 Planeswalkers
* The green plant and the green Coursers of Kruphix, both some of the top cards of the block
* Red Prophetic Flamespeakers, one of the new myhic Phoenix
* A Mana Confluence

And so it began, with the first box: Theros, the core set of the block.

On the mythic part, I pulled out my first God, Thassa, as well as 2 Planeswalkers with Espeth and Ashiok.  Two more `regular` mythics for a total of 5.

8 Foils in the box, 2 of them being Rares, and the Lightning Strike has already foudn his way in my current deck ;-)

And the Rares, with my second Nykthos as hoped, 2 scry lands, a Mistcutter Hydra, Arbor Colossus, Anger of the Gods, Whip of Erboros and 2 Tymaret, the Murder King as the ones most to my liking.

So onwards to box number two: Born of the Gods

Again 5 Mythics in this box, with Kiora for a fresh Planeswalker, and three more gods.  I liek the red black and the blue black ones a lot btw...

9 Foils, including two rares, one of them a Courser of Kruphix!

And all the rares, with 2 more scry lands, a Satry Firedancer, and a second Courser of Kruphix as tops for me

What would box 3 bring then: Joureny into Nyx

It happened on the third booster pack.

A GOD BOOSTER: all 15 gods of the block, all going between 5 to 20 euros in value, you do the math, but this is essentially a booster worth between 100 to 150 euros going by most price guides.

But it got even better with this box, as here are the regular Mythics: 2 more Athreos`ses, as well as 3 other gods.  I`m actually considering making a `block constructed` deck to enter those last months of Type 2 with the Return to Ravnica block in it, based around one of the gods I now have 2 or 3 from.  I`m still in doubt, but Black is the common demeanor, time to do some braincracking.

9 Foils, nothing to spectacular in here this time.

But it wasn`t over yet with this box... as here are the rares

I noticed the tip of my belly showing in the picture while taking a picture straight down... time to start eating more salads it seems URGENTLY

2 Mana Confluences, three blue/red scry lands giving me a full play set now, as well as 2 Eidolons of the Great revel completing that playset for me as well.  Other cards I like is the Harness by Force, Daring Thief and King Macar

Not a bad booster box AT ALL.

Now onto the future...

I`ve got a lot of thinking to do, both in real life about the future plans as the year of day school attendance is running to it`s end, but also about a deck build.

Don`t ask me why, but I have vague plans forming for a deck build around Kraken of the Straits.  I don`t know why, but for some reason, that card has a certain lure and potential for me, especially the islands that should be for some reason a winner, especially if combined either with red or black for Bestow enhancing or burn / removal...

Milling God or Burning God... hmmmm or perhaps Deathtouch God with a ramping deck behind her... thinking time!

Anyways, first things first though, I`ve been triaging all the cards, adding playsets of everything to a binder.  This rotation, I`m not trading off any cards before it cycles all out before I have a playset of them.

Now to list all those leftover commons and uncommons hehehe....


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