woensdag 18 juni 2014


Well, after a thriller at yesterdays World Cup where we took home the win in the end, and todays defence over my end work in reschooling (setting up Windows Diskless AoE Network booting), it`s time to get back down to business.

And I collected quite a backlog of things to ramble about during the past week, soccer, killer of time...

So I`m starting off with the ultimate minifigure, Benny (or `That 1980s Something Spaceguy` from Lego the Movie.

I didn`t buy either his spaceship nor Metalbeard`s boat, as there aren`t really `must use` parts in those, so I turned to BrickLink and instead of spending either 100 or 350 euros for the sets, I picked him up for 10 USD there.

And now the by far coolest character of the movie is standing proud and central on my desk ;-)

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