donderdag 10 mei 2018

La Gloire 2

In the days of the pre-internet, wargame magazines where the zay to go to keep up to date with releases and get your hands on scenarios and ideas.

On the one hand you had generic magazines like Wargames Illustrated, on the other hand in the mostly fantasy ranges "hobby" or "catalogue" magazines like the Harlequin Miniatures one or the venerable White Dwarf.

And while most of these had short lifespans, Old Glory came along with a catalogue magazine of their own, named La Gloire.

At the club, I snatched up one in a clearance sale for 50 cents, the Fall 1997 magazine and as such over 20 years old... so let's have a look at what is in it and in bold as usual what picked my intrests...

Editors Notes and the Creative Force

Ancients Background - Creating a German Tribal army for 300 BC to 100 AD

Dark Age History - The sons of Vladimir the Great part II takes a further look at Russians in the dark age era

American War of Independance - The Battle of Brooklyn background and scenario ideas

Napoleonics - a look at Prussian reserve regiments

Modelling "The Vignette" - taking a look at how a scenic house for your battlefields can be made

American Civil War - Staff Officers in your games

Warpaint Scenario - gaming fun in the Wild West

Warpaint Supplement - rules to add gunfighters and lawmen to your Warpaint games

Command Decision Street Fightin' Man - extra rules to field the Russians in the game

Fantasy Miniature Wargaming - a short story about female dwarf warriors

This is actually quite a good magazine in my opinion, with an article of each of their ranges at the time covered, making it something for everyone.

Ah, the good old magazine days, sometimes you do miss them in these internet days...

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