zondag 27 mei 2018

TSA 40k Megagame 60.000 points!!!!

Today it was time for an annual tradition, the Warhammer 40k megabattle organised by Jo.

No less then 60.000 points where put on the table, as the Imperium (oddly enough led by a T`au Commander) faced off the forces of Darkness under the supreme command of Lucius the Eternal (aka me).

My orders where simple: shoot everything until it was killed, to go for the points.

And so the huge battlefield was ready to be manned, and people started putting down their forces... including 4 extra knights for the Imperium (a scenario benefit), and fortifications for Chaos (same).


The above video shows the whole table as the armies (minus deep strikers and the likes) where deployed on the table.


Anchoring our far left flank was my force of Emperor's Children, joined by Nemesis and his Death Guard.

Next in line, Jurgen with his Tyranids and Vincent with his Orks.

Then we had Svenn with his Death Guard, flanked by Cedric and his Khorne Daemon force.

Tom VR brought Nurgle Daemons to the battlefield, sided by Mike and his Ork horde.

The end of the line was held by Christophe with his Death Guard and Dimitri with his Genestealer Cult.


On their far left, Jo fielded Ulthwe Eldar alongside T`au commanded by Ivan.

Michel put his Space Marines alongside David's, their Supreme Commander, T`au.

Next to them, Tom J and Peter put down the Custodes and a Guard Tank Battalion.

Heikki and his Mechanicum and Marc with his Imperial Guard / Space Marine force then came in the line.

Finally, Tom DG had his Guard deployed alongside Vincent's Space Wolves, directly facing me and Nemesis.

And then the battle for the first turn began.  David and me both rolled 2,s, then followed by a 2 for me and a 4 for them.  So the Imperium would begin, ouchies... was it not for a nonchalant hand throw for seizing the Initiative... and coming up a 6!  Swaffelen!!!!

Turn 1

The Chaos forces, aka the defenders, rushed forward (bar le moi of course).  Now of course, playing and such a huge table I can`t make a detailed report of all the things going on everywhere, but I`m putting down some moments of every turn.

The tyranids stormed forward, falling just short of the Imperial gunline awaiting them...

Khorne troops start to make amok in the enemy tank company

One big mek looking for a fight

Turn 2

After suffering casualties in the first turn, both forces prepare for the charges that are starting to happen left and right, while reserves start appearing on the field of battle

My demon princess rushed forward, slaughtering some Primaris before consolidating into the Space Wolves lord on the mountain.

The Mechanicus prepare to receive an Ork bunch of hooligans.

Tau encircle some poxwalkers

 A Nurgle Knight overlooks the field of battle

Turn 3

After two rounds of taking heavy losses, the Chaos forces are starting to grab points back (the Space Wolves lost the most points in one turn during the game, with 81 in this round, though some high scores of 75 and 64 did follow later on).

The Ork walord challenges the Space Marines to try and get `im

Turn 4

This round saw the first of the armies being totally annihilated, in the form of the Space Wolves.  Later that turn, the Khorne force would follow suit, while one Tau army, the Genestealer Cult, both the Orks and the Tyranids afterwards held on only by the skin of their teeth (one Tau player would end the battle with only a single commander left).  Bjorn the Fellhanded has the dubious honour of being the only "named character" on the Imperial side to fall, while Kharn the Betrayer went down at the side of Chaos.

The Custodes start clearing the walkways to an objective.

Some old geezer looks amazed in finding out there are games out there not called Dux Britanniarum x-D

Turn 5

Turn 5 and actually Chaos, for whom it looked very grim, started hitting back hard.  To little too late it turned out in the end, but with our forces now starting to deplete the Imperials, points where raking in.  On my flank, this was helped by the destruction of the Space Wolves, as we could now start focussing on the tanks facing us and Russes where blown to pieces...

The Lone surviving T`au commander

Lucius personally commandeers one of the defence turrets.  This was his farewell game, as now I`m no longer obliged to take the moron to the field, something I did all year as to `cement` his role of Supreme Commander, but I really don`t like playing with him.


Just for the fun, some of the lovely units on the table.  I understand not everyone gets his armies painted or like doing it per se, but all in all the ratio of painted vs unpainted was more or less okay on this battle.

The Result

And so the battle ended.  In the above video you can see the result, a close (13 VP) win for the Imperium... if only that 6th turn had been rolled for (we closed after the base 5 as it was nearing 18hrs and it all had to be cleaned up still).

Congratulations in some way to the Imperium, and thanks Jo for organising this great event once again.

It is all for fun after all!

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