vrijdag 11 mei 2018

On the Painting Desk 46

Woop woop, things got finished as you could see in the past week postings!

Apart from a regiment of Union troops, I also rounded off some Blood Bowl players for the aspiring Amazon team.

Now, the coming weeks I'm going to have to prioritise painting, as I won't have that many free hours to sit down and paint, huzzah to deadlines.

First and foremost, and truth to be told they *should* be done by next week as the 27th they have to be on the table are the Noise Marines, as the few evenings in the coming week is the only time I'll have to spend on them before the big battle.

After that, I'm going to need to focus big time on the 5th regiment of my Irish Brigade, the 88th NY, as those need to be ready by the 8th of June and I'll have only 1 weekend and 2 evenings of available time for doing those.

And then the Burrows and Badgers models that I ordered this week are going to be painted rather fast as well to be able to play that to cute game with Noshi... so it's time to be on the lookout to ambush the mail man...

What pressure?

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