vrijdag 18 mei 2018

White Dwarf May 2018

This months Whote Dwarf focusses as usual on a few new releases, but also a very intresting battlereport for me.

And it comes with a free mini-game as well!

In bold, as usual, the articles that picked my intrest...

Meet The White Dwarf Team - what have they been up to

Planet Warhammer - a look at all the new releases of this month, including the new Idoneth faction for Age of Sigmar

Temporal Distort - looking back to october 2006

Getting Started with T'au Empire - a look at the various T'au of the range

Birth of the Idoneth - designer notes on the newest faction

Eavy Metal Masterclass - painting big monstrous creatures

Collecting: Scions of the Furnace - a large Mechanicus army

Golden Demon Winner's Challenge - eyecandy galore

The Defence of Drevaris - a battle report pitting T'au against Space Marines

The Soul Siphon - Deepkin versus Undead battle report

Hall of Fame - a look at compositions of nominated models

A Tale of Four Warlords - the growing Age of Sigmar forces continue to be prepped for the epic finale

Duels of the Crystal Labyrinth - a mini game of Tzeetch sorcerers to play on the back cover of the magazine

Necromunda Venator Bands - new rules for skirmishes in the Underhive

Blanchitsu - another look at the huge collection and works of John Blanche

Paint Splatter - Deepkin and Chaos Blood Bowl players are this months tutorials

Readers Models

In the Bunker

And that was it for this month.  Now personally, for me it was a rather poor issue in case of content, as it was mostly Age of Sigmar heavy.

But those Deepkin do deserve the focus, they are gorgeous models...

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