woensdag 2 mei 2018

Wargames Illustrated 366

The april issue of the magazine, I only just got round to decently read it, and let's have a look at what was in it with some blahblah to go along.

I must confess, WI was the first non-GW magazine I ever started buying, and I still love it's slick look the most of the three main magazines out there at the moment.

So without further ado, let's go over this issue... with in bold the things that particularly intrested me.

From The Editor

Wargaming News - not much here, just a small piece on the new Outremer rules by Osprey

Observation Post - a look at some more new releases, spotted at the Vapnartak gameshow in York

On the Shelf - books that might intrest the wargamer

Armies of the Thirty Years War - now here it begins for me as an intresting topic, as this war and it's contemporary ECW are where my main historical intrest begins.  The article takes a look at the european forces of the era.

Aircraft and Ground Support in the Great War - an article on the first form of aerial combat

Wargaming the Battle of Rocroi - continuing the TYW articles, this refight put the French against the Spanish

Raid on Kensington - having a look at the Blood Red Skies expansion with Andy Chambers

Going Plastic in the TYW - having a look at 1/72 and 1/32 scale plastics for the period, which tbh neither catches my fancy as a scale.

Take to the Skies with Johnny Red! - a look at using the british comic book hero

Just another April Fool... - Things that sound like jokes, but might be actually true... and yes, my pet peeve the Emu War is in there as well...

Route Pack 6 - Vietnam War arial combat

Bootneck Air Assault - a battle for the Suez canal in 1956

Battle of the Battlemats - an intresting look at various mats, which is handy to me as I`m looking into getting one for homegames of DBA

Going Large in the Great War - 54mm world war 1 gaming

Hail The Dark Ages - a look at the new Hail Ceasar expansion Shieldwall

Druid Table - a look at Wargames Illustrated Salute 2018 participation game

Tactica 2018 - show report on the Hamburger event

And that`s it for this issue.  Now, with 7 "boldies" in the issue, this is a rather fine magazine for my liking and intrests.

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