zondag 6 mei 2018

The Haul Report 132

Geek stuff galore this week, and mostly of the reading kind

The first thing I obtained was the new Codex T'au. 

Now I can happily build my gundam battlesuit force further, while delving into their new fluff, something I always like in Codex books, GW does a nice job fleshing out the backstory of their armies after all.

I also picked up some wargame magazines this week.

The final aquisition is a parcel from Black Hat.  This contained three pots of Tank Green, of which i had ran out and needed to base the Union forces.  On top of that, I also grabbed 30 replacement lids for my Coat D`Arms paints.  I love the paints to death, but with the years some of the lids had dwindled and cracked, and it never hurts to have a few dozen in reserve...

Jo also brought along my limited edition dice from The Puppeteers, another club I'm a member from but don't get round to play at to much since joining unfortunatly.  I'll change this soonish I hope.
But the colour of the dice alone meant I just needed to have these dice!

The final haul this week is this old magazine.  They where for sale to sponsor the club a bit, at 50 cents for a magazine, and this old 'catalogue magazine' from 1997 had some nice articles on first glance, so I snatched it along.

A good haul this week!

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