maandag 7 mei 2018

The Fighting 69

The most recent ACW unit I finished for my Fredericksburg ORBAT, the most famous regiment of the Irish Brigade is now done and ready for the big battle the 9th of June.

The 69th New York, better known as the Fighting 69, are mustered and ready.

Numbering 20 models, the size we usually use with our homemade club rules (though over time, I`m expanding all my regiments to 24 size) the smoothbore armed regiment follows the same colourschemes as the rest of my force so far.

Flags by Flags of War, and the models are Perry plastic troopers.

This now means I need to finish one last 20 man strong regiment for the big battle, something I`m going to be pushing forward on in the next few weeks, and while I might be cutting it close in the end, I`m not going to have to pull all nighters it seems to get it done.

Faugh A Ballagh!

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