zaterdag 19 mei 2018

TSA Clubevening of the 18th of May 2018

Yesterday it was friday, and that means clubnight time!

And I did a tour once again of all the games being played the night, and was amazed at some long time no see appearances... 

Specter was once again being played as bands of troops moved through a cityblock after each other.

A big ACW battle was in full swing as it seemed that the Union tried to break a Confederate line.

A Warhammer 40k battle saw the Ultramarines take it out with the Custodes.

Chain of Command was played as Arne was teaching Glenn the rules.

A battle from the final days of the crossbow and pike (sorry Joeri, I forgot the exact name of the battle), before the musket started to make her appearance as the infantry weapon of choice...

The Zombies boardgame was being played, as hordes of braindead where out to get the players.

The Heroquest roleplay session was also held this week.

Malifaux appeared at the club, as Jurgen was demo-ing the game to Dimitri.

The same went for Age of Sigmar, with Ivan playing a new guy to learn him the rules.

The Scythe boardgame was being put through her paces as well tonight.

In a Team Yankee confrontation, an amphibious landing took place.

Meanwhile, the countergamers studied their next big strategies.

As some forgotten souls braved the horrors of adventure during Dungeons and Dragons...

And me?  I played Future War Commander, but those pictures and report are for a later moment this week ;-)

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