donderdag 31 mei 2018

What I painted in May 2018

It`s been a good month as I settle in more in the new regime, and I got a decent amount of figures finished as such.

With the deadlines for some "mega battles" on the horizon, I needed to cranck it up a notch, and I must say it looks like I`m right on schedule.

The biggest unit I painted was the next regiment for my Irish Brigade, the 69th New York, of 20 miniatures.

The whole brigade needs to be ready by the 8th of june, and I`m currently painting on the 5th and last regiment for them, so that should be feasible to complete.

Another deadline I had to meet was for the huge 40k battle that took place the past weekend, and which you can find more about on my blog with a big batrep a few days ago.  For that battle, while I did have enough figures by far, I decided to paint up 5 more Noise Marines to boost the unit I`d take along.

I also started playing and enjoying Future War Commander, a 6mm scifi game, again after all those years, and I finally finished the Lacerators (Assault Marines from the Marine Corps list) unit I had been painting on for months now, as they originally where intended to feature in the AHPC.

The other thing I completed where three more players for my Blood Bowl team, the "side project" I`m working on in between the "must do's".

The last thing that got painted up where two lonely Kern, a left over from my box of plastic Gripping Beast models...

So that means a great total of 55 models finished this month, a nice ratio considering the limited time I spend between city trips, work hours and social life-ing.  For the next month, the target is that final regiment as such for the ACW mega game, before I`ll be tending to the models from Burrows and Badgers on the one hand, Crisis figures on the other, and some Blood Bowl in between.

Or at least, that`s the plan hehehe...

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